World Song Contest 8

Date: March 2014
Venue: Antofagasta, Chile Chile
Opening act: Daniela Castillo ("Trampa de Cristal")
Number of entries: 11
Debuting countries: Andorra Andorra
SouthAfrica South Africa
Returning countries: None
Withdrawing countries: Australia Australia
Brazil Brazil
Ukraine Ukraine
Voting system: Each country awarded 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs
Nul points: None
Winning song: UnitedStates United States
"Let It Go"

The World Song Contest 8 was be the eighth edition of the World Song Contest. It will take place in Antofagasta, Chile, following Daniela Castillo's win with the song "Trampa de Cristal".

Eleven countries took part in this edition, which was the last to be held. Two countries make their début: Andorra and South Africa. The winning song was "Let It Go" performed by Demi Lovato from the United States. Lovato had already won the World Song Contest 2 with the song "Give Your Heart a Break".

Participating countriesEdit

Eleven countries participated in this last edition. The city host was Antofagasta.

Draw Country Language Artist Song English translation Place Points
01 Chile Chile Spanish Beto Cuevas "Vuelvo" I Come Back 08 50
02 France France French Robin des Bois "Si L'amour Existe" If Love Exists 02 82
03 Israel Israel Hebrew Sarit Hadad "Karusela" (קרוסלה) Carousel 10 28
04 SouthAfrica South Africa African Kurt Darren "Kaptein" Captain 11 22
05 Spain Spain English Romy Low "Take the Money And Run" 05 65
06 Andorra Andorra Catalan Marta Roure "Jugarem a Estimar-nos" We'll Be Playing at Loving Each Other 07 50
07 UnitedStates United States English Demi Lovato "Let It Go" 01 83
08 Belgium Belgium English Katy Satyn "Magical Sensation" 06 65
09 Netherlands Netherlands English Laura Jansen "Queen of Elba" 03 75
10 Canada Canada English Shania Twain "Ka-Ching!" 09 43
11 Italy Italy Italian Emma Marrone "Cercavo Amore" I Was Looking for Love 04 75
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