The World Song Contest is a song competition held among many countries of the whole world.

Each participating country submits a song to be performed on live television and radio (sometimes) and then casts votes for other countries' songs to determine the most popular song in the competition. The contest is inspired in the Eurovision Song Contest format. The contest has been broadcast every month since its inauguration in 2013.

Among the most famous artists who have performed in the contest includes: Bryan Adams, Mariah Carey, Daft Punk, Demi Lovato, Bruno Mars, some Eurovision artists and others.

Participation Edit

Edition Country making its debut entry
WSC1 Belgium Belgium, Brazil Brazil, Cameroon Cameroon, Canada Canada, France France, India India, Italy Italy, Netherlands Netherlands, NewZealand New Zealand, Spain Spain, Ukraine Ukraine, UnitedKingdom United Kingdom, UnitedStates United States
WSC2 Cyprus Cyprus, CzechRepublic Czech Republic
WSC3 Chile Chile, Kosovo Kosovo, Romania Romania
WSC4 Israel Israel
WSC5 None
WSC6 Australia Australia
WSC7 None
WSC8 Andorra Andorra, SouthAfrica South Africa

Winners Edit

Edition Date Host city Winner Song Performer Writers Points Margin Runner-up
1 2 June 2013 kiev ukranie nieuwzeeland long hot summer keith urban ronald 130 3 united kingdom
2 15 June 2013 wellington nieuwzeeland belgie your heart soulsister ronald 111 13 ukranie
3 20 July 2013 belgie brussels kosovo shine ya light rita ora ronald 119 14 united kingdom
4 10 December 2013 kosovo pristina nederland waves mr probez ronald 101 1 belgie
5 23 December 2013 nederland amsterdam usa all i want christmas is you mariah carey ronald 108 11 nederland
6 26 January 2014 usa newyork usa i kissed a girl katy perry ronald 97 12 belgie
7 19 February 2014 usa newyork canada good time carly rae jepsen ronald 84 8 chile
8 March 2014 canada ottawa italie cercavo amore emma ronald 83 1 frankrijk