Edition Host Artist Song Place Points
WSC1 Ukraine Kiev Okean Elzy "Bez Boyu" (Без Бою) 12 20
WSC2 Canada Vancouver Vera Brezhneva "Lyubov Spasyot Mir" (Любовь спасёт мир) 03 92
WSC3 UnitedStates Los Angeles, CA Kazaky "Crazy Law" 06 58
WSC5 Israel Jerusalem Nu Virgos "L.M.L." 02 97
WSC6 Netherlands Amsterdam Lara Fabian "Lyubov, Pokhozhaya Na Son" (Любовь, Похожая На Сон) 05 62
WSC7 Italy Rome Oleksandr Ponomaryov "Varto Chi Ni?" (Варто чи ні?) 10 40

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